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Why COS?

Build a learning organization by compelling every associate to notice, observe and assess their ethics and capacities to produce Conditions of Satisfaction fCOS 1or all our customers with practical offers that manifest, demonstrate and display the highest of human virtues.

Last month I clarified what Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) is. I’d like to take a moment to also share with you why Jenco finds it so important to produce COS.

Plain and simple, we want to meet our customers’ expectations so they can deem themselves satisfied. We understand that in order to maintain a relationship we must prove to be trustworthy and valuable. In other words, we must stick to our word and deliver on our promises. COS allows us to uncover our clients expectations and gives us a platform at completion to discuss if we fulfilled. Jenco strives to not have to be managed; this in turn allows our GC clients to spend their time where they are really needed.

What are you doing to ensure client satisfaction?

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