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Jenco is a locally owned and operated commercial electrical contractor that thinks a little differently. For over the last three decades, Jenco has helped business owners put construction in place safely and at a profit. We help business owners produce new facilities and shorten their design to use cycle with industry-leading practices in design and installation of building automation and electrical systems. 
We understand the perception that General Contractors have about their subcontractors. The perception is that most subcontractors have to be constantly managed and reminded of their obligations. Isn’t the exhausting? 
There is a more powerful way to lead construction teams than having to manage your subs commitments for them. Jenco’s commitment to never having to be managed has allowed us to separate ourselves from our competition. Our commitment to producing trusted relationships, capacity before its needed, and delivering on our promises has enabled Jenco to grow into what it is today – one of Arizona’s top sought after electrical contractors!


Jenco aims to be a reliable trade contractor that is continuously improve the people, processes and tools for Construction Put in Place. This includes how we maintain a safe work environment and how we manage our work.
Over the past 30 years Jenco has been measuring productivity and monitoring how we manage the work installation. Beyond that we have been a student of a total system view of the systems and practices that support the field installation. Our technology bridges the gap between the field and office.
Our approach to using technologies is to adopt things that reveal and help make transparent to the entire team the constraints to the installation. Furthermore, the ability to anticipate when a known constraint will negatively affect a particular segment of the installation is key to driving the priorities of the management team so that the critical path of our customer is not impacted.
Forecasting hours-used-at-completion is a valuable tool to have production and productivity conversations within Jenco, with our customers, and with other trade contractors. For example, we can forecast manpower loading across the entire construction duration. This is valuable to consider if resources are available and other options to keep the Construction Put in Place workflow smooth for all the trades. We believe that if there is no flow, there is no superior productivity and likely, no profit. 
Our technologies are not used to blame others. It is used to provide real-time feedback for our customers, vendors, and colleagues to communicate how well the installation is going and to arrive at profitable solutions for all parties. 
We seek customers that see the value in and use date to drive continuous learning within their business. 

Executive Team

Kelly Anderson,
Founder & CEO

Kris Geltch,
Vice President
Christine Kettelkamp,
Ted Wilber,
Vice President