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Clash of the Titans

Do you ever wonder how business gets done when the buyer and seller of a product or service sit on opposing ends of the playing field?  Buyers have a business problem that requires real solutions to fix their situation, and they want them for the lowest cost to enable the highest return.  Sellers want the buyer to think they can’t get this kind of product, service and help anywhere else so that they can increase fees paid.  So how do you resolve this clash?

Business is about making commitments and delivering on those commitments.  So upon closer inspection, the two sides may not be all that far apart if they can create a shared background around the nature, type and degree of delivered outcomes.  At Jenco, we take three very critical actions in our client engagements in order to resolve the clash and build long-term mutually satisfying relationships:

Sarah's Article

What critical actions do you take to ensure long-term strategic relationships?  I’m willing to invest in a cup of coffee and a conversation to build our connection – are you willing?  Call me at 480-773-0434