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Business Development

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

Do you ever wonder how business gets done when the buyer and seller of a product or service sit on opposing ends of the playing field?  Buyers have a business problem that requires real solutions to fix their situation, and they want them for the lowest cost to enable the highest return.  Sellers want the buyer to think they can’t get this kind of product, service and help anywhere else so that they can increase…

How to Get Lucky

Ever notice that some people and companies just seem to always get lucky? They win competitions, they launch new innovative products, they capture market share. Why is that? It’s not all luck, much of it is skill. Here’s four categories they master: Right Place Industry experts study the current situation and survey for change across 3 Dimensions: 1. Human Dimension: Demographics change all the time.  People get older, get married, have kids, buy houses, get…