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How to Get Lucky

Ever notice that some people and companies just seem to always get lucky? They win competitions, they launch new innovative products, they capture market share. Why is that? It’s not all luck, much of it is skill. Here’s four categories they master:

Right Placelucky

Industry experts study the current situation and survey for change across 3 Dimensions:

1. Human Dimension: Demographics change all the time.  People get older, get married, have kids, buy houses, get divorced, get jobs, lose jobs.  It’s endless.
2. System Dimension: Regulations and the Economy change all the time. What’s more fun is people’s perception of policies change. They like a president, don’t like a   president, think they can buy more, can buy more, inflation hits, deflation hits. It’s all interpretations (and a little math).
3. Innovation Dimension: Primary, secondary, and tertiary competitors bring new technologies and new  offers to the market, customers start to value something different, copy cats mimic and the value goes down. Cycle repeats.

Right Time

Entrepreneurs are always in a crisis of meaning. Why now? Who requires that help? What do they do without  it? When is the offer of help really needed? Due to a complex world and human factors, no single person or business can predict with 100% certainty, but through working with other experts you can create an unfair    advantage.

Right People

People that are after it (producing outcomes) seek to work with other people who share their vision and ethics in the way they go about achieving those outcomes.  You’re either purposeful in who you choose to be around or you’re purposeless. What do you chose?

Right Offer

Everyone needs help.  A bottle of water in the grocery store runs about $.99.  That same bottle of water could be valued at all your worldly possessions while you are standing in the dessert without any.  It’s about the Right People, At the Right Time, With the Right Value, In the Right Place.

So, do you want to get lucky, now? Let me know if any of the below offers are right for you!

1.  Rewards Programs: Team Building Events, Donations, Personal Estimators, & Rebates
2.  Workshops: Strategies for Growth, Embracing Innovation, Pragmatic LEAN Principles
3.  Technology Upgrades: Free USB Receptacle for All Services Jobs Scheduled in March
4.  Client Satisfaction: Framework of commitments, philosophies and practices required to satisfy

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