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Life is an Agility Test

bk skills developmentAre your skills helping your business organization gain momentum?

The right hand man of Warren Buffet and a fellow Billionaire, Charlie Munger once said “I believe in the discipline of mastering the best that other people have ever figured out. I don’t believe in just sitting down and trying to dream it all up yourself. Nobody’s that smart…”  What I hear with that quote is rigorous learning, surrounding yourself with networks of strong thinking and acting people and purposefully building highly powerful business organizations. What do you hear with Charlie’s quote?

Business is merely people making offers to other people to satisfy their needs and concerns in return for the “money” we need to survive, feed our families to live a good life now and 30+ years of retirement.  Money is not always currency.  It may be career advancement, mentorship or learning new practices that provide competitive advantage so that our customers value and choose to transact with us verses our competition.

Agility Training

At Jenco, we are constantly looking to produce a team of “willing” people eager to advance their skills and practices in a way that brings value to our customers.  That’s what enables Jenco to produce our core offer of Construction put in place (CPIP), safely at a profit for our customers and Jenco.  Do you watch professional sports? Ever notice there are drafts, trades and free agency? Does it resonate that they are constantly looking for the best talent to augment the existing players on the team? Maybe it’s adding a key pitcher to the rotation or a big hitter to round out the team.  Players must be in a constant learning mode to hone their skills, practice the fundamentals and look for new ways to ensure their spot on the team. They watch film to study the opposition, individually work on their basic skills over and over, and practice as a team to come together in unison to demonstrate flawless execution of the game plan that the organization has formulated to beat the competition.  No single person, no matter how talented can do it on their own.  Randy Johnson was nothing without eight other players doing their specific job to support the team effort.

Measurable Success

Together, we at Jenco can achieve the same level of professionalism if every member looks at their individual role as that of a sport professional.  If we strive to be the best apprentice, journeyman, foreman, project manager, sales person, executive and owner we can come together to be the most powerful Electrical Contractor in the valley.

How will we know when we have accomplished this goal? We will know when our offers our being accepted by our customers because they value the return that they receive when we produce our core offer;  Construction put in place (CPIP) safely at a profit for our customers and Jenco. That’s a team.  That’s powerful. And that’s fun.