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Distracted Driving

Although we have become increasingly dependent on our mobile devices and have become experts at multitasking, we must remember to sit our phones down when we sit in the driver’s seat. Did you know that transportation accidents are the leading cause of workplace deaths in the US and distracted driving is the primary cause of traffic accidents? Many companies have started implementing strict policies regarding cell phone use while driving company vehicles, and Jenco is one of them.

How often do you find yourself multitasking while driving? We are all guilty of doing it – messing with the radio, talking on the phone, texting, putting on makeup, eating, dealing with the kids in the backseat, the list is endless. How can you eliminate the distractions?

5 Tips to Stay Focused on the RoadDistracted Driving

  1. Put your cellphone on vibrate and out of reach
  2. Avoid eating while driving
  3. Get the kids settled before you begin moving the car
  4. When using navigation, set it up before you begin driving
  5. Pull over if you need to make a call, adjust the navigation or help the kids


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