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Bright Ideas

Bright IdeasWith Spring weather fading and summer right around the corner, many of us in Arizona are starting to prepare for those dreaded energy statements that can almost triple in a few short weeks. The staff at Jenco may not be able to control the temperatures outside but we can offer a few tips for the inside to help you drive down those peak costs:

For the office:

  1. Set sleep modes on your computers to minimize power consumption while away
  2. Use smart power strips to manage inactive energy drain from devices such as chargers and powered down electronics
  3. Adjust temperature setbacks on the building A/C to minimize operation after hours
  4. Create a bench mark for energy usage to know what practices are saving the most
  5. Re-commission older systems, it’s similar to the routine maintenance you perform on your car

For the home:

  1. Turn back your water heater settings or install a timer to control usage
  2. Set back the A/C to minimize cooling while away
  3. Replace older lamps with CFL or LED products
  4. Use a time of day plan and schedule for items such as pool pumps, dishwashers, and laundry machines

The Jenco team is committed to finding ways for you to save. Call us today to learn more about the variety of options and what you can do to get started!

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