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10 Ways to Stay Safe

SafetyJenco has gone to great lengths to keep the jobsites safe. No matter the project or task at hand, safety remains our top priority every second of every day, which is confirmed by the fact we have one the lowest EMOD rates among our peers.

So how do we do it? Every site and situation calls for different safety measures, but here are our top 10 practices we follow in prefab and out on the jobsites:

10. Maintain a clean workspace, keeping it free from any trash and debris.

9. Refer to MSDS for information while working with chemicals or products with potential hazard.

8. Stay hydrated with adequate amount of water or fluids (especially in the hot summer months!)

7. NEVER stand on the top two rungs of a ladder

6. Discard cut-off pieces of conduit to avoid fall hazards

5. Always keep the proper fire extinguisher within reach while using equipment such as a generator

4. Always use the proper tool for the job at hand

3. Eat healthy, rest well and stretch to maintain a steady productive work atmosphere

2. Always use guards and tool specific safety procedures while working with any heavy equipment or machinery

1. Wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and in the manner in which they are intended

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