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Design Build

CityScape Block 22Jenco is steeped in years of design build experience with over 300 buildings to our credit.  With that amount of experience we are able to provide analysis, reports and interpretations that take care of your most prized possessions — new capital tools, relationships, and people.

While working in the early design stages, conversations to uncover the concerns for our business owner and general contractor clients are paramount to project success.  Because design, material, and site work often changes Jenco uses a a multi-step process to outline the guiding principles used as the design build project framework.  This framework enables us to provide leadership and precision around the guaranteed maximum price.

Without experts in constructability working hand-in-hand with the owners, misinterpretations and inaccurate scope specifications happen.  This results in budget busts and loss of trust.  Both can be dangerous and difficult to recover.  The intersection of trades is a critical focal point for Jenco. Accuracy matters.  Making and keeping our commitments matters.  It is what has us always meet the budgetary and delivery goals of the project and project stakeholders.

Our offer and leadership tighten as we move through the design process. 

Conceptual Design Phase

  • Coordination meetings with all project stakeholders ensure proper utility power distribution and infrastructure is produced.
  • Lighting design standards are met
  • Layouts and photometrics are accurate and timely
  • Ensure cost control and lighting design align with GMP
  • Detailed conflict and risk analysis reports are provided and reviewed

Schematic Design Phase

  • Project stakeholders work hand in hand with Jenco to assist in coordinating design to build requirements
  • Initial costing schedules are provided
  • Evaluate, report on and Recommend electrical and specialty systems
  • Annual energy consumption analysis, energy efficiency recommendations and rebate programs provided

Design Development Phase

  • Jenco provides GMP Protection and Risk Management
  • Trade conflict Analysis, solutions and satisfactory resolution
  • Detailed review sessions and reports to avoid interference across architecture, structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical with all aspects of budgeting, scheduling, and project construction considered.

System rework, re-engineering and budgetary busts are costly situations.  Jenco is expert at providing design alternatives early that meet your design requirements and maintain your financial obligations resulting in a direct improvement to your return on investment.