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Business Mission

Build a learning organization by compelling every associate to notice, observe and assess their ethics and capacities to produce Conditions of Satisfaction for all our customers with practical offers that manifest, demonstrate and display the highest of human virtues.

It may be cliché to say, but everyone here at Jenco lives the business mission. And we can prove it! In fact, drop by our Scottsdale office on any given Monday and you may notice things happening that are out of the ordinary.

You’ll notice that the executives are not even here; they perform job walks as a team every Monday. Kelly and Joe have the background, expertise and vision that have proven to be extremely valuable out in the field.

Jenco believes in progressing people through their careers. We are a learning organization for the sake of people being able to take care of their concerns during their working years and in retirement. Because learning is weaved into our mission, we set time aside for working together to better ourselves on Monday afternoons. If you do stop in, you’d notice that a majority of the staff is crammed into the boardroom studying. We’ve done numerous study series, workshops and in-depth formal training sessions throughout the years.

We pride ourselves in staying true to our business mission on a daily basis. This drives us to learn and develop as individuals and as a company, but most importantly it allows us to produce competitive advantages and superior value for our clients. We at Jenco always intend to be more effective, strategic and competitive in the marketplace.



VPPSafety ratings tell a lot about a company’s commitment to performance.  Jenco’s core offer is to put construction in place safely and at a profit for our customers and Jenco. We pride ourselves in being one of the safest electrical contractors in the valley which is confirmed with our long-term participation in Voluntary Protection Programs and one of the lowest EMOD rates amongst our peers.

We strive to provide the safest environment possible for our employees as well as other people who are working on the jobsite. We understand that our safety record directly affects our customer’s, the General Contractor’s, ability to obtain additional work in the future. We know that to fulfill our core offer we must also help our customers produce a profit, and working safely and maintaining a low EMOD rate is one of the direct ways we accomplish that goal.

When an accident occurs on a jobsite there are many elements that are affected. Accidents produce delays to a project which increase the cost of construction and possibly cause the need for changes by the General Contractor to assure they can provide satisfaction to their customer at the end of the job. There are also implications that the General Contractor will have to face in the future such as the ability to procure additional projects and higher insurance premiums. The cost of disruption due to safety issues escalates exponentially.

Project success is defined by the people, practices, experience, and willingness ingrained in the culture of our business.   Safety for us is not an option.  It’s in our DNA to produce satisfaction with our clients and to maintain our reputation long into the future.

Core Values



Jenco is committed to putting Construction in Place safely and at a profit.  We cannot produce without safety being cared for 100% of the time.  No profit is worth the risk or injury to our customers, employees and colleagues on the jobsite.

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Produce Satisfaction

Jenco has several customers: our employees, our vendors, General Contractors, and building owners. We listen to what the customers need and then work to fulfill their needs purposefully…



We are a learning organization for the sake of people being able to take care of their fundamental human concerns during their career and throughout retirement. Our mission is to help people progress through their careers.

Performance Values



Everyone is human and breakdowns do occur. It’s how you handle those breakdowns that are a marginal value. We declare our responsibility before we take action… This enables us to reflect on our actions for being effective, strategic and competitive to produce the intentions we declare before we act.

Cooperation & Collaboration

Cooperation & Collaboration

At Jenco there are no lone rangers. We are a united front working towards a common goal to put Construction in Place safely and at a profit for our customers and Jenco.



We are committed to learning, personal growth and career development as individuals and as an organization.  Learning common and uncommon knowledge is required to innovate and adapt to the changes in competitive practices, technology, politics, economics and demographics.



We have gone to great lengths to keep the jobsite safe with incorporating safety right into our Short Duration Scheduling (SDS). No matter the project or task at hand, safety remains our top priority every second of every day, which is confirmed by the fact that we have one of the lowest EMOD rates among our peers.

Building Community


We believe that every company is unique and that what compels one person, group or business may not compel another. At Jenco our philosophy is that the best communities have strong leaders that inspire leadership in others. Where contributions are rewarded. Where people are alive and activated.

Building a strong community means paying attention to what the community thinks and does. It means participating, getting out there, getting dirty, having fun together. Hearing others’ touching stories and sharing our own. Creating memorable interactions that positively impact people’s futures.

At Jenco, we don’t try to be everywhere.  But where we are, we are present, engaged and committed to lead.