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About Us

Jenco is a locally owned and operated commercial electrical contractor that thinks a little differently. For over the last three decades, Jenco has helped business owners put Construction In Place safely and at a profit. We help business owners produce new facilities and shorten their design to use cycle with industry-leading practices in design and installation of building automation and electrical systems.

We understand the perception that General Contractors have about their subcontractors. The perception is that most subcontractors have to be constantly managed and reminded of their obligations. Isn’t that exhausting?

There is a more powerful way to lead construction teams than having to manage your subs commitments for them. Jenco’s commitment to never having to be managed has allowed us to separate ourselves from our competition. Our commitment to producing trusted relationships, capacity before its needed and delivering on our promises has enabled Jenco to grow into what it is today- one of Arizona’s top sought-after electrical contractors!



Jenco does something every moment of every day in every action to help its customers.

Over the past 27 years the staff at Jenco has been developing practices, and people, to produce satisfaction for all our customers. Adroit Operation Management (AOM) is Jenco’s proprietary constellation of products, services, tools, strategies, software and philosophies that are intended to produce coordination and cooperation of our actions with those of the other trades people and our customer’s personnel working to produce Construction Put In Place (CPIP).

AOM is focused on our customers, ultimately in every way. Over the years, we have designed, modified, and updated AOM to ensure that it is coherent with Lean practices and philosophies. In other words, AOM fits inside, supports, and enables Lean principles to be real at Jenco.

So what does this mean to the General Contractor working with us? Simply put, AOM enables Jenco to not have to be managed. AOM has formal training and real practices that each Jenco team member has to work with to declare their intentions BEFORE they launch into action of CPIP. Every single piece of material Jenco installs is done with a plan. These plans declare how they are going to perform the work, when it will be done, who they must coordinate with, and how they are going to perform the action safely and at a profit.


Kelly Anderson, CEO

Many are surprised to learn that Kelly did not start off as an electrician, or even an office employee. In 1983 Kelly entered the electrical industry as a truck driver delivering materials for Goulder Electric. He worked his way up and when the doors closed, seven years later, he held the role of Vice President of Administration.

Kelly founded Jen Electric in 1990 with a philosophy of helping our customers, employees, vendors, and colleagues increase their capacities to take care of their concerns. His focus on producing trust and delivering on his commitments to his customers and his employees has enabled him to build three strong brands into what it is today,  Jenco Inc.

Kris Geltch, Vice President 

With almost 30 years as a construction professional, Kris has managed a wide variety of programs, projects, and teams on both the General Contractor and Subcontractor sides of the business. Kris has led teams to success here in AZ, as well as regionally throughout the Western United States, in design-build, bid-build, CM@Risk, JOC, select-bid, and other delivery methods.

In 2017 Kris joined Jenco, and he became a partner in 2019. In his current role as Vice President, he oversees the Jen Electric and Jen Service Operations Teams for large & small contacts, service department, and field operations ensuring customer satisfaction, contract compliance, and the execution of work, safely.

Kris has a passion for helping others grow their cares. He enjoys teaching classes on financial success and independence, to help tie career success with personal success. He is a very active member of the Arizona Builder’s Alliance (ABA); was a founding member of the LDF Alumni Board and served as Chairman of the Board in 2020. Currently, Kris is serving on the Board of Trustees for the ABA AGC Education Fund and is an active member of the PMDP Advisory Board.

Christine Kettelkamp, CFO

Christine started in the construction industry in 1983 working full-time and attending school at night. She graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy. She then set her goals even higher and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and a Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP).

In 2010, Christine accepted an offer to come aboard with Jenco as the Controller. By 2016 she was promoted to CFO, and in 2019 she became partner! In her current role, Christine specializes in process improvement and focuses her efforts on keeping the accounting processes lean while providing timely and accurate information to operations. Christine is also adept at strategic planning and is always looking forward.

Darcy Otis, Vice President 

Darcy started in the smart building technology and energy services industries in 1989 as a Design Engineer in Canada. In 1994 Canada’s economy turned downward and Darcy was offered to relocate to the states. He jumped on the opportunity and relocated his family to Des Moines, Iowa where he assumed the role of Account Manager for the healthcare market. Darcy then dabbled in the IT industry for 5 years, before returning to his original company as General Manager for the Iowa and Nebraska markets. In 2010 Darcy was transferred to Arizona to assume the role of Area Manager for the Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico markets. After five years in the role, he assumed a corporate role heading up a new technology business segment for the Americas.

Darcy joined Jenco as the leader of the Control Engineering division in 2017 and became a partner in 2019. In his current role, he leads his team to provide the best experience in Arizona to customers and employees through knowledge-based services.

Ted Wilber, Vice President 

Ted’s career in the construction industry began just over 30 years ago. Over the years Ted has taken on many different roles and responsibilities. He started his journey in the Purchasing Department of a large company in California, and eventually joined their Estimating Team in a junior estimating role. After completing several NECA estimating classes, and gaining some experience under his belt, he worked his way up to Senior Estimator.

After deciding to relocate to Arizona, Ted chose to take some time away from estimating and test the waters as a Project Manager. However, in 2005 he was offered an opportunity he couldn’t refuse – Chief Estimator here at Jenco!

Today as Vice President, Ted oversees the Preconstruction Department.