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What’s Your Style?

How do you learn? Have you ever put any thought into this? Are you someone who needs to have something visual to understand what is being presented, or do you prefer if someone presents by just standing at the front of the room?

Learning StylesThere are many different ways that people learn, and everyone has a mix of learning styles. However, some people find that they have a dominate learning style based on the circumstance.

Have you ever tried to learn something new on a computer, tablet or phone? When someone was explaining how to do it what were you doing? Did you want to just grab the device and run through it yourself? If so, you are a kinesthetic learner. You would rather hit the nail with the hammer then be told, or shown, how to do it.

Think back to the last training session you attended. Was there a PowerPoint presentation or maybe some other kind of visual cues? Or was it just someone standing at the front of the room talking? How do you remember being during the training? Were you overwhelmed, lost and bored, or were you interested, excited and soaking up what was being presented? 65% of people are visual learners. People who learn visually learn by tools such as diagrams, mind maps, photos, handouts, whiteboards, videos and PowerPoint presentations. If you prefer to just listen to someone teach, or present, then you are considered an auditory learner.

Are you in a role where you are teaching others how to do something? Have you ever gotten frustrated and didn’t understand why they “just don’t get it?” Next time this happens try to determine what the person’s learning style is. Maybe they just cannot understand unless you visually walk them through it. Taking different learning styles into account when designing a training session or preparing for a presentation is critical to a successful outcome.