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Saving You Time & Money

DSC03079Jenco Prefab is a learning organization. We strive to be innovative, offering our jobsites the most cost effective assemblies that can, or should be, assembled. Everything we do has a purpose, from custom design of interior wall rough assemblies to temporary and permanent transformer panel assemblies.

Prefab has maintained a high standard for shop organization, cleanliness and safety standards. Here are some of the labor hour statistics that support this claim.

Hours worked accident free with minimal employee turnover:

  • 2012:   22,505.5 hours
  • 2013:   17,289 hours
  • 2014:   1,909.75 hours to date

The labor hours indicated prove that the innovation that is coming from the prefab department meets or exceeds the jobsites needs to be productive, offer a cost effective means of installation and above all pleases our customer to increase repeat business.

We have attained the UL classifications QQYZ and 508A for power distribution cables and power/motor control cabinets.

The Planning and Development group within Prefab incorporate BIM, AUTOCAD and Blue Beam software into  everything we do so that installation to final documentation on the jobsite is seamless and organized. The group has the ability and expertise to do everything we need from pre to post design, clash detection, custom  design and install of assemblies for the jobsite disciplines.

Interested in learning more about how the prefab department can save your project time and money? Shoot me an email!

Eric Myers