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IR Scan ExampleMost electrical failures occur because of increased resistance, which creates excess heat. This added resistance in an electrical circuit can be caused by loose wire terminations, faulty components, aging systems, overloaded branches or just poor workmanship.

Through the use of a thermal camera, we are able to pinpoint problem areas and create an action plan for correcting the issue before the breakdown occurs – saving you time, money and lost opportunities.

A huge advantage of using thermal imagining technology is there is no down time during the testing. Traditional methods of testing required technicians to schedule power-system shutdowns to physically check equipment connections for damage and wear. But with thermal imaging our technician can perform testing while the system is under a full load with no impact on the facility or its operations.

Once the test has been conducted we put together a report with the thermal pictures outlining our findings. If a thermal scan provides evidence of a loose connection or other irregularities we provide recommendations for repairs and let you know on a scale of 1 to 5 how you should prioritize the repair.

Are you interested in learning more about preventing problems before they occur and cause downtime? Give me a call!

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