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Extreme Tips for Extreme Heat

summer chillingCan you believe that summer is upon us again? The Arizona heat is more than just a nuisance-it can be lethal!

Did you know that 2013 brought with it 1400 heat related illnesses to Arizona? Several hundred where hospitalized and many died. When the temperature rises so does the risk of heat related illness, but there are ways to beat this Arizona heat!

Below are 5 simple summer safety tips to help you beat the Arizona summer heat:

  1. Stay Hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. Coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks are dehydrates and should be avoided if working outdoors. Drink lots of water.
  2. Stay indoors as much as possible. If you must work outside make sure you are working in well ventilated areas to avoid heat exhaustion.
  3. Wear sunscreen, a hat and protective clothing. Wearing a hat alone does not protect your face from the harmful UV rays.
  4. Awareness Matters. Most important be aware of the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses. Be aware of others around you. Just because you are fine they might not be.
  5. Practice water safety. If you are around water try using the buddy system. This insures that someone that is not in the water can watch the people in the water and prevent drowning. Let them be your private lifeguard.

Interested in some fun places to visit during the summer and beat the heat?

  1. Splash pads are fun for kids of all sizes.  Several valley cities are equipped with splash pads. Check them out
  2. Traveling up north to beat the heat? Check out Sedona’s Slide Rock.
  3. Have you heard of Bearizona in Williams, Arizona just outside of Flagstaff?

Do you have a favorite ‘chill’ out spot? Drop me a line at  I’ll pass it along!