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February Employee Spotlight

Donavan Warner - ESThis month we are happy to present another employee who has proven to be an asset to the Jenco team- Donavan Warner. Several times Donavan was praised for his willingness to volunteer for tasks and his obvious desire to help others by sharing his knowledge and lending a hand.

Foreman, Ralph Sanchez, was very pleased in working with Donavan noting his drive, hard work ethic, and willingness to share his knowledge and experience. Donavan recently worked at the Peoria Sports Complex with Ralph and was given the task to work on the fire alarm system. He immediately jumped at the opportunity to take on a leadership role and clearly displayed his knowledge and expertise of the system. Ralph said “Donavan took into consideration all the other systems by coordinating and talking with the other trades, so that his install would not impede or interrupt other crafts. This allowed for very little to no rework.”

Thank you Donavan for your hard work and dedication!


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