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Innovative Technology

ChartJenco does something every moment of every day in every action to help its customers.

Over the past 23 years the staff at Jenco has been developing practices, and people, to produce satisfaction for all our customers. Adroit Operation Management (AOM) is Jenco’s proprietary constellation of products, services, tools, strategies, software and philosophies that are intended to produce coordination and cooperation of our actions with those of the other trades people and our customer’s personnel working to produce Construction Put In Place (CPIP).

AOM is focused on our customers, ultimately in every way. Over the years, we have designed, modified, and updated AOM to ensure that it is coherent with Lean practices and philosophies. In other words AOM fits inside, supports, and enables Lean principles to be real at Jenco.

So what does this mean to the General Contractor working with us? Simply put, AOM enables Jenco to not have to be managed. AOM has formal training and real practices that each Jenco team member has to work with to declare their intentions BEFORE they launch into action of CPIP. Every single piece of material Jenco installs is done with a plan. These plans declare how they are going to perform the work, when it will be done, who they must coordinate with, and how they are going to perform the action safely and at a profit.